Skin Care Phoenix

Basic Facial

Cleansing, exfoliation, European facial massage with an aromatic elixir and a mask customized for each individual skin type. Benefits of treatment:  1) refined, smooth skin

Deep Cleansing Facial

Cleansing, exfoliation with enzyme, peel extractions and thorough cleansing.
Benefits: 1) thorough deep cleansing, 2) detoxifying, 3) healthier skin, 4) helps to clear breakouts.


Berry Radiance Facial

A blend of nutritious fruits in exotic preparations create the Berry Radiance Facial. Your skin will reveal a youthful, healthy glow that will keep you sparkling. Extracting the finest oil from sumptuous grapes and adding cinnamon and clove is just the beginning of a soothing facial.

Pumpkin Delight

Replenish your skin with the valuable benefits of natural pumpkin extracts. Vitamin A and Beta Carotene are two of the most important vitamins with superior anti oxidant qualities. This facial will dissolve, soften and exfoliate dead skin cell, resulting in a healthier, glowing skin.

Micro Dermabrasion

Cleansing, machine exfoliation and soothing mask.
Benefits: 1) Refined, smooth skin, 2) Helps to clear breakouts.

Oxygen Facial

Oxiana skin treatment reduces the effect of aging by nourishing the skin with essential vitamins and minerals and the pure oxygen molecule.
Benefits: 1) Healthy rejuvenated skin, 2) Anti-aging, 3) Fights free radicals, 4) Tightens and tones.

Hibiscus Facial

Fight the signs of aging and brighten skin tone. A great rejuvenator for all skin types, this treatment will stimulate collagen activity, balance excess oil and provide antioxidant support for radiant skin and lasting results

Triple Enzyme Peel

This facial peel addresses many skin care concerns, anti-aging ,skin smoothing and polishing, firming , and deep cleansing. The application of the three enzymes smooth out the epidermis.